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Getting Your Car Repaired Without Getting Stung!

The car repair gangPeople don’t want to be taken for a ride when they visit their local car repair shop. They are aware of the deceitful reputation that many car repair shops have made for themselves over the years.


You should always do your research before dishing out money for any type of goods or services. This applies to both males and females. These scrupulous car shops are very sophisticated, and they know crafty ways to fleece both men and women when it comes to car repairs.


However, there are ways to reduce your chances of getting bad service and prices from the body repair shops that are trying to scam you. If you need to get a dent in your car fixed, the following are just a few of the things that you should take into consideration when choosing the best car body repair shop.

Getting Advice from Others

Normally, you aren’t going to know which repair shops are the best without doing a little research on your own. You can ask friends and family for their recommended picks, or you can look online for others who have used various repair shops.


They can tell you about their experiences and what to look for and avoid. If a car repair shop is a bad seed, others will be willing to tell about their bad experiences. Use this type of information to your advantage so that you do not suffer the same fate.

Quotes and Contracts

Find out what needs to be done to repair your car, whether it’s the metalwork for the body or mechanical failure within the engine area. Ask the opinions of the service mechanics and get quotes. Make sure that they quote what it will cost for everything such as the labour, parts, supplies and the VAT.


Be clear about whether or not they are going to put new or used parts into your car. You don’t want to be stuck with shoddy parts that are not the same quality as the ones that are being replaced. If you are not sure, then ask plenty of questions and get everything in writing. Do not accept verbal agreements.

Don’t Be Gullible

The bottom line is that you must also take some responsibility for the repair. Yes, they are the professionals, but in order to get the best service, you must provide specific instructions. You can’t just walk into the shop and say “Something is wrong with my car.


Can you repair it”? Generalities can lead to a lot of misinterpretation, especially if the shop is trying to rip you off. A scrupulous repair shop could come up with a million possible suggestions for getting that dent out of your car. You should always be one step ahead of them and have a general understanding of what needs to be fixed.

Get the Best Price for Your Repair

If you purchased your car from new or as a used car from a garage then it’s probably still under warranty.  However, this does not mean that you have to take it to the dealership or the garage that you bought it from. Don’t be afraid to use other repair shops, but make sure that nothing is done that will interfere with your original warranty.


Once again, there are online sites that can tell you what to expect in terms of prices for certain repairs. Understand that parts are generally the same price, but labour costs are different depending on the location. Know the minimum and maximum prices for your needed repair. When dealing with the shop, make sure that you have detailed pricing and explanations in writing for everything that will be done.


All in all, choosing a good repair shop can be time consuming and stressful. But you can prepare for the experience and reduce your chances of getting scammed. Research and find a repair shop that is trustworthy, clean, provides excellent customer service and provides detailed quotes and contracts.


You should also make sure that your chosen repair shop is certified and has licensed mechanics that are recognised by reputable industry organisations.


Many times, you can find this type of information by looking at the logos and information provided on their webpages.If this does not provide the information that you need, talk to the actual mechanics and other personnel. Hopefully by following these suggestions, you’ll have no problems getting that dent out of your car.

Ensure You Carry out a Final Inspection

Once the repair is complete and the garage is asking for the bill, ensure you give your car a full inspection to ensure the repair has been carried out to the quality and expectations that you require.


It’s important that the bodywork looks like new, but, depending on the scale of the repair, it’s important to check inside the car. There are many other parts that could have been replaced, such as headlights, rear lights wheels, engine parts, car wiring harness and any interior components throughout the cockpit area.


Once you are hundred percent happy that your car has been repaired to a good level of quality then you feel confident about paying the bill.


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With a fleet of company cars, you only need a couple of accidents to start costing your company money and time to repair the damage and in potential lost revenue. Using an accident management service can significantly help your company.


Accident management is a service used after a crash and provides complete and comprehensive nationwide accident repair services to ensure your company vehicles are efficiently repaired and back out on the road, no matter where you are in the country.


The accident management service will handle the whole process. This process involves getting your car off the road with the full recovery service and booked in to the most local accident repair centre, handling the repair, the immediate payment, any paperwork required, such as insurance details etc.


Accident management ensures your vehicle is back on the road as efficiently and quickly as possible, leaving you to focus on your business.